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Website Health Check

The first step towards a more revenue driven website is an audit. This health check is going to undercover the areas of your website that are lacking in performance or impact a good user experience. Examples of what a health check is going to audit for include: mobile and desktop navigation, broken links, page speed and performances.

Keyword Research

The essence of SEO is to rank up your website depending on some keywords. This means that we need to identify which keywords are the most important for your business and your target audience. The process is made through a range of tools and techniques to identify which ones are the best for our customers’ websites.

Page Content SEO

We are going to suggest how and what to change on your pages: content, keywords, images attributes and tags. Those interventions are going to strengthen the way search engines such as Google and Bing will understand the contents of your site. The better the site is understood the better ranking is going to get and push it closer to the top results of search engines SERPs.

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