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Dear Business Owner,

An open letter to you.

Dear Small Business Owner,

My name is Maurizio and I am the founder and director of DigitalMimo. Our specialty is to be distinguished.

How do I work? I work personally with you to grow your natural (organic) traffic coming from search engines.

You’re going to get all of my experience, and I will be focusing on you, 100% of my time. My focus is going to be to get your business at the top of the search queries on Google. Some of my customers have experienced a growth higher than 350% on a year to year base.

I personally am a small business owner. I know how difficult it is to get it up and running. How much blood and sweat is needed. How many years of your life you have poured into it. I am going to work for you.

Why you should choose me and not a big agency?

Big agencies just think about themselves and your business is just like any other business. An intern is going to do some work on your site, without any previous experience. The level of attention they have for their customers is really little. They work on big numbers, big quantities, and small quality. This is why I think you deserve more.

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