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Our is a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Strategy & transformation

Rapid changes in business today lead to many new challenges that need to be addressed to stay competitive. DigitalMimo has developed a set of tools and insight that are going to help you with those challenges.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a set of strategies to get people to know about your product or website. Includes channels such as search engines (SEO), websites, social media, email and mobile apps. At DigitalMimo we are going to focus on the most important channels for your business. Which channel doesn’t matter as long as it works for your business.

Conversion Rate Optimization

How many people access your website every day and leave without contacting you or without buying your product or service? Conversion Rate Optimization is going to help your business grow, using your current resources and without spending more in advertising.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a set of techniques and strategies which aim is to get your website to “rank” better than the competition and bring more potential visitors to your site.
More visitors are going to come to your website without having to pay extra in advertisement.